Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Attention Ford Focus owners!

If you own a Ford Focus, chances are that sooner or later you could run into an ignition failure. Unfortunately, this is a fairly common problem that we at Pop-A-Lock of Grand Rapids deal with frequently. Older (2000-2005) models fail most frequently but it happens to newer cars as well.

It’s frustrating when your transportation is incapacitated, but if you are one of the unlucky ones, at least we can save you some time and money. Pop-A-Lock can repair and replace your ignition at a very competitive price. Often our prices can save you half compared with a Ford dealer. And, we come to you in West Michigan, so there’s no need to arrange or pay for a tow. Pop-A-Lock often can have someone on site in under 30 minutes, and always provides same day service. That’s less down time for you and less time to gnash your teeth.

If you are having problems, but your key still turns, even if with difficulty, and can still start your car, you can save a significant amount by being proactive. We can replace the factory installed but rapidly breaking down ignition before it fully fails and you are unable to turn or remove the key at all. If the key can still be turned, we do not need to drill the ignition in order to remove it.

We hope you don’t have this problem, but if you do, let Pop-A-Lock of Grand Rapids make it a little easier on you and your wallet.

At least Dick thinks so:

“Like hundreds of other Focus owners, I too have experienced the infamous Ford Focus ignition switch debacle. The ignition switch in my 2003 Focus SE seized up as is common on this model. I had fixed one on my Mom's car in Florida last year to the tune of $500 at the local Ford garage there. So it was no surprise when mine became faulty.

My recommendation to anyone who has a Focus: find a locksmith who specializes in auto ignition locks and keep his number very handy. IT WILL GO OUT ON YOU AT THE MOST INOPPORTUNE TIME! The local Ford garage wanted $400 to fix it and other Ford dealers quoted me as much as $550. I found a local automotive locksmith who came to me with a mobile shop, replaced the tumbler, coded the existing keys and had it all done in a relatively short period of time. Cost : $125 and the best part is that he guarantees his work. He fixes these on a regular basis with an after-market ignition switch that does not have the inherent defect that the Ford Motor Company product does”

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